The purpose of association is due to the organization’s mission is to support Continuous Education and Scientific Research. Some tasks of this organisation mission;

• Advancing knowledge in the field of professional practice, as well as the art of science to try to improve;

• Strengthen solidarity and cooperation between domestic and foreign experts;

• Patients, our society, to observe in all circumstances the benefit of humanity;

• Ethical and deontological issues become a guide;

• Ensure that our country informed of developments and update the information for primary care physicians;

• Educational meetings, providing physicians new frienships, scientific, professional, legal, technological, and provide information on issues related to personal rights;

• In order to protect public health, preventive and therapeutic expertise to work on our professions, to work to inform the public, to this end, advertisements, brochures, print, internet and ennobling profession in activities through the media;

• Achieve in our country, regional data, evaluate, and the results obtained from the distribution of health physician practices to create many identifier;

• What’s new in our country brought about the beginning of medical and professional applications to be to give support to promote these activities. We expect your support and suggestions.


CESRA  President

Prof.Dr. Cemal Cingi